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As we all know, storm damage can be devastating. Whether it’s from wind, hail, heavy rains, tornado or hurricane, Home Repair is here to help! If you think your home has experienced storm damage or if you absolutely know it has, contact the experts at Home Repair! We have a team of Haag Certified Inspectors equipped and ready to do a comprehensive property inspection, inside and out!

Storm Path Red Zone

If you’re in the “Red Zone”, your home was in the path of a recent storm. This is based on weather maps and industry data. We swiftly provide all “Red Houses” in the “Red Zone” with comprehensive inspections to evaluate the damage. If there is damage, we will find it. And there are a lot of hidden places that we find through our in-depth, “CSI” inspections. If your damage warrants a claim with your insurance carrier, we provide documentation, bids, full scope of work, estimate of repairs, and photos. If it’s covered, we will complete all repairs and make sure you’re not “out of pocket”. Not even a penny more than your deductible! Even if you already have a claim in progress and the insurance adjuster has already made an assessment, we conduct a separate 3rd party inspection and let you know if there are any items the adjuster may have missed. 

Storm Damage Experts

We have your best interest at heart when it comes to managing your restoration project. With over 30 years of experience, we help guide you through the insurance claim process to the extent allowed and have a depth of resources when a professional contractor is needed from start to finish. Our mission is to help you get your property restored better than before. We provide the highest level of expertise, integrity, value, and service every step of the way.


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Not sure if you have damage? Contact us for a Free Storm Damage Property Inspection! We also provide Virtual, Touchless Inspections that include 3D measurements, modeling, and initial assessments, all at the click of your fingertips. Home Repair is your partner every step of the way!

‘CSI’ Inspection Experts

We are the ‘Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)’ when it comes to inspecting the exterior of your home and subsequent interior damages. If your home has been ravaged by time or the elements, we’ll get it “Back To Beautiful”! Our experts detect damage you might not have even known was there. If there is damage, we will find it! We inspect every crevice, every corner, every small spot on the ceiling you’ve been wondering about, every inch of siding, even the places you might not have thought to look.