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Considering solar? Take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions related to our Solar Installations. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us!

What Happens If I Sell My Home? 

Homes that have solar actually sell faster than homes without. Solar panels are proven to add 3-5%+ value to your home. ALL warranties can be transferred to the new homeowner.

What If I Need To Repair My Roof In The Future? 

We validate the integrity of your roofing system before panels are installed. That means repairs to your roof underneath the panels should not be necessary for at least 25 years. But when the time comes, the panels will be removed and reset for a nominal feel, or even without charge depending on the location of the property.

Can My Homeowner Association (HOA) Prevent Me From Installing Solar Panels On My Home? 

In most cases it is illegal for HOAs to deny a homeowner solar panels. There are exceptions in a few states but being denied is highly unlikely.

Will You Be Performing A Full Audit To See How You Can Help Me Save Money On My Energy Bill?

Yes, we offer a free 10-Point energy assessment and will review your energy bill to evaluate the savings we can offer you.

Will The Panel Performance Degrade Over Time?

All solar panels have a degradation rate. On average you can expect an 87-95% power performance over 25 years.

What Warranties Are There On Different Parts Of The System? Who Do I Call If There Is A Problem? 

Our vetted install partners are the largest in the country and all offer a 25-year warranty on labor, install as well as manufacturer.

Who Designs The System And Estimates Annual Output? 

Our in-house Solar Technicians and Engineers design the system and estimated output.

Will You Give Me A Firm Quote Or Estimate Prior To Signing The Contract? 

We always provide a firm quote before signing the contract.

What Financing Options Do We Offer? 

We offer financing as low as .99% for up to 25 years with a 26% federal tax back credit. This can be used for solar or any add-ons such as roofing, windows, doors, insulation and any other home efficiency upgrade as long as it is included at the same time the solar is purchased. This financing option is available to anyone with a 620+ credit score or above. No down payment is required. 

How Much Can I Save Using Solar? 

Usually, the typical savings are between 10% – 40% in the beginning and then increase to 100% in time because you will OWN the systems we provide! 

Do I Need To Be Home During The Entire Installation? 

Homeowners will be informed if any indoor access is needed for installation and if their presence is necessary.

How Long After Signing The Contract Can I Expect Installation To Get Started? 

You can expect installation to start within 2-8 weeks. (Depending on your utilities and city permit approval.)

Who Is Responsible For Any Damages Caused To My Home By Installation? 

The installers we partner with are well-vetted, bonded and insured. Although damage caused by installation is extremely rare, they will take care of any resulting damage should it occur.

Do You Monitor The Performance Of My System And Notify Me Of Any Issues? 

Yes, we include monitoring on all our installs. That way, our install partners know there is a problem and have a service ticket generated for troubleshooting and no-charge repair or replacement before you even know there is an issue. In most cases, a comprehensive app allows you to “check in” on the operation of your system – and even monitor each individual panel’s functions – to satisfy your own curiosity.