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Home Repair LLC Touchless Touchfree Virtual inspections with HOVER
Have you been considering making updates or repairs on your home or business, but are wondering how to work with a general contractor in this new, health-conscious COVID-19 world of social distancing? Maybe your roof, siding, gutters or windows were recently damaged during a storm, or you’d simply like to increase your curb appeal or home value, but aren’t sure how to handle it now that we all need to stay six feet apart. How does it all work? Well, we’ve got great news for you! Not only can it be done, but at Home Repair, we integrated advanced technology to offer touch-free, virtual property inspections over 2 years ago! Now that COVID-19 has changed how the world works, at least temporarily, we have simply reinforced the way we offer this service based on the latest safety and sanitation guidelines from the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local, regional and national authorities.

Virtual Services From Start to Finish!

By using the latest technology available, including drone photography and video, 3D modeling and automated measurements, apps, and more, we can inspect your property structures to make an assessment of possible repairs or upgrades to be performed. Our Property Inspectors provide virtual meetings. Our Customer Service team is available via phone, email and text, and on the administrative side, we employ digital payment and document signatory management software.

All of these tools provide enhanced reporting, streamlined customer service, and an entirely touchless process. And as always, our Virtual, Touchless Inspections are completely free.


  • We eliminate in-person contact between clients, customers, staff and colleagues as much as necessary, and replace contact with virtual communications via online video platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and GoTo Meeting, as well as by phone and email.
  • We utilize aerial drones to collect photo and video imagery of our clients’ properties when applicable.
  • We provide a free initial assessment via the Hover app to our clients to capture photos with your smartphones. You snap a few photos, and it provides us with a preliminary assessment of your property. The app also generated exact 3D models with accurate measurements of your property.
  • Leading the way in technology, our clients can utilize this app to see virtual 3D models of their property, which provides the opportunity to select custom roofing, siding options in different colors and materials. Try before you buy! This is in a virtual environment. It’s fun. It’s virtual. And it’s free!

After the virtual inspection and assessment has been completed, we provide you with full scope of work of repairs if applicable, damage assessment, photos, and documentation. If insurance-related damage is present, we specialize in helping you with your claims process by providing expert construction scopes, documentation, and even show your insurance company what is damaged to help to ensure that you get repairs you need taken care of.

Streamlined Processes

When the time comes to make repairs, Home Repair streamlines that process virtually and touch-free by:

  • Coordinating repairs around customer schedules by our field personnel, in order to offset personal interaction with clients.
  • Utilizing online platforms for electronic signatures with DocuSign to eliminate printing and handling paper documents.
  • Accepting payment for repairs via credit card and/or bank transfer, eliminating any need for paper checks.

You can rest assured that navigating the repair and restoration process is performed at the highest level of safety while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 exposure. There is no need to delay your property inspection, or worry about the way it will be performed.

We are prepared and excited to continue utilizing these advanced technologies as a long-term solution, if and when the virus returns, or for other unforeseen circumstances that warrant social distancing. These virtual inspection tools make for an incredibly efficient and reliable property inspection process.

So, now that you know how possible having a home inspection truly is during this time, what happens if your inspection reveals damage that requires in-person repair?

Repairs & Restoration With Enhanced Safety Precautions

We’ve got you covered there, too. As an essential business, Home Repair continues to follow enhanced safety precautions  as outlined by the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and local, regional and national authorities among our staff, colleagues, clients and customers. In this way, crucial repairs, restorations and updates are addressed so you can continue living your life and thriving in the security and comfort of your home.

Home Repair LLC Free Touchless Virtual Inspections

Need An Inspection?

Do you suspect that your home might be overdue for an inspection? Are there obvious signs of wear and tear or damage to your home? You can avoid huge headaches down the road by getting an inspection from a licensed general contractor. You’ll get the peace of mind that your home is in great shape and that you’ve protected yourself from even more substantial repairs and expenses in the future.

At Home Repair, we have over 30 years of experience in expert property inspections, repairs and replacements of roofing, siding, gutters, windows, exteriors, and more. With offices in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia, we’re well acquainted with hail storms, windstorms, water damage, floods, hurricanes, cold winters, blizzards, snow, ice and the extensive damage and weather-related insurance claims that can result.