Home Repair CEO Tony Silva Joins American Policyholder Association

Leading Mid-Atlantic Construction Company Advocates for Property Owners 


ROCKVILLE, Md. Home Repair, LLC attains American Policyholder Association (APA) Professional Member status. The APA Professional Member acceptance is dependent upon the applicant organization abiding by the APA Fiduciary Pledge and committing to work in the best interest of policyholders. Other APA Professional Members include public adjusting companies, professional property managers, restoration contractors and attorneys.

We are excited to be a part of the APA. They truly advocate for property owners and really promote integrity and honesty in the insurance industry,"

says Tony Silva, CEO of Home Repair.

The mission of APA is to monitor, identify and report on all insurance fraud against policyholders and collectively join forces with ethical industry professionals throughout the nation to help property owners. The APA is comprised of businesses that work in the construction and restoration industry, nonprofit organizations, property owners, and advocates dedicated to helping property owners.

The APA is excited to have Tony Silva, CEO of Home Repair, as a valued member of our team. Tony’s membership demonstrates his commitment to ethical business practices and fair treatment of customers. It is industry leaders like Tony who push forward the APA’s efforts to defend the American consumer,”

says Doug Quinn, executive director, American Policyholder Association.

According to the APA, at the time of the loss, the property owner and insurer have adverse interests in the determination of an insurance company’s liability. The APA monitors the methods used by the insurance industry to determine if this conflict results in fraud perpetrated against the consumer.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Home Repair provides construction, roofing, siding, windows, gutters, storm damage restoration and repairs to homeowners throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

About Home Repair

Home Repair, LLC is a leader in construction, roofing, siding, windows, gutters, storm damage restoration and repairs. With over 30 years of experience, Home Repair helps property owners restore their property, “Back To Beautiful”. Home Repair is committed to utilizing the best materials and latest technology to provide the most advanced level of service. Whether damaged, destroyed, or just tired, Home Repair provides full-scope, comprehensive property inspections. Home Repair proudly serves homeowners with repairs throughout Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia. Learn more at www.HomeRepair.com.

About The American Policyholder Association

The American Policyholder Association is a nonprofit 501c4 watchdog organization that promotes integrity, honesty and best practices in the property loss adjustment sector of the insurance industry. The APA investigates insurance fraud committed against consumers by insurance companies and reports insurance fraud to law enforcement, State Attorney Generals, and local and state licensing authorities. Learn more at www.APAssociation.org.

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